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A Quiet Place – Parenting Done Right

A Quiet Place (2018)

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Directed By: John Krasinski

Cast: John Krasinski, Emily Blunt, Millicent Simmonds, Noah Jupe, Cade Woodward

Language: American Sign Language, English

A Quiet Place is a thriller horror which silently builds the tension and where communication is only through whispers and hand gestures. It is a game of tension and you are sucked into it from the beginning and from there on are an active participant of it.

A Quiet Place is a story of a family of 5 trying to survive a sort-of post apocalyptic world where they are hunted by creatures who hunt by sound. Father Lee (John Krasinski), his wife Evelyn (Emily Blunt), their eldest and deaf daughter Regan (Millicent Simmonds), son Marcus (Noah Jupe) and the youngest son Beau (Cade Woodward) make up the family. They are also the only characters shown in the entire movie.

They speak in sign language and tip toe around while the father tries in vain to contact any survivors. The family walks on a marked path inside and outside the house so as to not make a sound. Initial few scenes culminating in creature snatching Beau establish the importance of being quiet. Fast forward a year, Evelyn is pregnant (why?) and Lee is still researching on how to kill the creatures. How they escape from the creatures forms the rest of  the story.

The creatures are blind and they ravage anything that creates a sound. They are very intelligent and highly sensitive to noise: they are able to hear sounds from huge distances. They look horrible- with an exoskeleton protecting the inner vulnerable part and the trick to open the exoskeleton forms the final act. The Creatures reminded me of the aliens from the movie Aliens 1986; one look will give a chill down the spine.

A Quiet Place is to the point and tightly packed, John Krasinski doesn’t waste even one second. It is very simple to understand- it tells you the basic stuff and then you can make up what has happened.  One look you know its a post apocalyptic world and then the camera spans over a board on which Lee has written some notes on survival against the creature but with regards to weakness there is no solution yet. The camera then spans over the newspaper clips pinned on the board and that gives you further details. That the entire world is under attack and is in shutdown because of the no noise business.

John Krasinski has given a lot visual cues which fills up for the lack of words. He has got the audience involved and a genuine effort in direction is clearly seen. The script reminded me of J K Rowling (she is famous for this type of writing): a thing is introduced which you know is important and you know what is coming because of it but the thrill is in waiting to confirm it. A nail is shown (focused) protruding and you know someone is going to end up screaming because of it; a small leak in the tap and you know its going to flood the hidden compartment. Its clever story telling and more importantly brilliant direction. It tells you that every shot and every frame is carefully planned and executed.

There is an underlining theme (which I absolutely loved) and which is fundamental to parenting- “empowering their children”. A Quiet Place is a message about parenting, about their responsibility towards their children, to teach them for the time when they wouldn’t be with them. Evelyn and Lee in particular sacrifice so much for the kids and absolutely love them. But teaching the survivalist skills is also of utmost importance, sometimes more than the protective cocoon they are offering. Also one of the reasons this family survives for so long is due to their knowledge of the sign language. A skill they learned for their daughter- the film cleverly turns a perceived handicap into a vital strength.

John Krasinski is really good, as is his real wife Emily Blunt in their role as parents. So is Millicent Simmonds who like in the movie is deaf in real which gives authenticity to her role. Marco Beltrami has used his music cleverly to add to the tension.

The Audience was so engrossed in A Quiet Place that they got disappointed with the interval. I saw some people shouting to Evelyn to not to open the door (as if she will listen) in one scene. It’s a movie I didn’t want to end and that’s a testament to the brilliance of the movie. It is a movie which plays on your nerves.  And Do I recommend A Quiet Place?? “Hell Yeah!! You can’t miss this one

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