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Avengers: Infinity War Trailer Breakdown

The biggest, baddest movie of our times is here and its just 5 months away. The much awaited trailer of Infinity War just got released and it is mind blowing, heavy duty and full of action. All the movies plots, characters were building up to this- years of planning, those huge product budgets and extravagant marketing campaigns.

Thanos has taken the matters into his own hands like literally his own hands. Avengers have to get together and fight to survive, this Infinity War promises bloodshed, people will be killed


Trailer first:



The Infinity War trailer starts with Stark holding hands, mourning, who I believe is probably Captain America. There have been numerous hints like signing of Brie Larson as Captain Marvel who could replace Captain America and the “Civil War” fight between Tony and Steve will give it a huge emotional angle.


Banner looks “smashed”- looks like he has fallen from space and is terrified!




Looking over him stands the man with a strange name and a strange expression and Wong. Banner was last seen as the green monster fighting Sutur in Thor Ragnarok in Asgard.



He gets united with Tony Stark and in the next scene Dr Strange, Tony Stark and Bruce Banner are seen together in his New York Sanctum. In the mid credits scene of Thor Ragnarok the travelling party of Bruce, Thor and Loki were intercepted by a large space craft which I think belongs to Thanos and Banner lands up here, escaping him.


In the next scene Vision has now transformed into a hot blondie (Off with the helmet) with the infinity stone is still lodged in his forehead and looks like the “Paprika” from Civil war has brewed into a full grown chilly between him and Wanda.


Loki is shown stepping over the dead bodies who I think are the dead Asgardians, which again reiterates the fact that the spaceship encountered in the mid credit scene was of Thanos. He is seen offering the Tesseract to someone and that someone is presumably Thanos. A deal would be brokered between Loki and Thanos which will spare Loki’s life and he will yet again betray Thor (willingly or unwillingly we will see).


The next shot shows Thanos and he looks slimmer than in Guardians of the Galaxy, probably he is on a low carb diet or something to fit into the gauntlet. Anyways, he travels like the way Loki travels in the Avengers movie confirming he has used the Tesseract to travel to earth. Given the way airlines are treating their passengers these days, Tesseract just might be the best way to travel!

The next shot shows Thor coming to grips with his life, Oh snap, he is trying to pull some levers and save the world, probably the final fight scene.



In the next scene there is a warrior throwing some kind of spear, initially I thought that Hela had returned but a bit of research tells me that the warrior is one of the children of Thanos and her name is Proxima Midnight. I just wish that the character would be as awesome as the name.


And the spear is caught by none other than our Captain America (seen celebrating No shave November).




Thanos’s ship drops probably in Wakanda- yeah yeah, only Ulysses Klaue (Andy Serkis) and Tony Stark know its location- but wait for Black Panther movie, after which it will be opened for General Public viewing.



 And that space ship spews out these, Thanos’s pawns. Obviously Black Panther alone will not be able to fight them off, he would need more hands.



Spidey being Rock Bottomed by Thanos and I hope he survives. I wouldn’t leave Aunt May at the mercy of Tony Stark, my heart can’t accept another “Fifty Shades of Grey”.



And in this scene Vision is pinned down and the infinity stone is being pried out of his head. How that affects Jarvis will make for an interesting watch.



Here Thanos has taken another infinity stone, the blue one from the Tesseract and is perfectly assembling them like an engineering student.



Here he has collected another infinity stone and the color suggest its the one which was locked in the vault by Nova corps. So, RIP Xandar and Glen Close. And he is seen flaunting it to Iron man- the prospect of Thanos v/s Iron man for the “Gauntlet Match” is whetting my appetite. WWE should partner with Marvel to market this.


The Winter soldier is seen here fighting along with the Wakandan force. And it looks like a “Summer setting”. I hope there are no performance issues because of that. We cant afford to have one.



Also Falcon is seen fighting alongside Iron Man in Wakanda.




This setting is from Wakanda and obviously they are fighting off the army of Thanos. Hulk is camouflaged in this scene coz its so bloody green everywhere.



“And Who the hell are you”? Thor looks at Guardians of the Galaxy and enquires and I am pretty sure the answer to his question would be “We are Groot”




And finally we see the Guardians of the Galaxy- they are shown in the end credits of the trailer- How cool is that!!




Please share it and let people know that Thanos is here and the world is about to end in Infinity War. Avengers could do with more hands and support. So rally the forces, this May will witness the biggest battle of Earth and this Infinity War it shall be avenged.

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