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Black Panther – Stylish

One of the most awaited Marvel movies of the year is getting released in India, tomorrow on 16th Feb. Directed by Ryan Coogler, famous for directing Fruitvale Station and and Creed, Black Panther has been lauded as one of the most stylish yet the most unmarvel movies from the Marvel Studios. This is story of a prince now king trying to protect the El Dorado of Africa also called Wakanda. He is not all alone as he has a bunch of “all female” body guards to help out in his endeavor.

Black Panther is getting released at a critical juncture, 2 months before the Infinity War and it gives a hint on the fate of Tony Stark. The Villain in Marvel movies has been the week links till now and in that regard we hope Eric Killmonger, played by Michael B Jordan should buck the trend. The trailer promises a mean and menacing Killmonger and is the 2nd most exciting thing from the trailer apart from the all female bodyguards. The body guards head by Okoye played by Danai Gurira looks rad.

Black Panther has it all style, action and surprisingly has showcased the culture of Africa.

Watch the trailer here:


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