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Constantine Review – A Morose Exorcism

Constantine (2005)

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Directed By: Francis Lawrence

Cast: Keanu Reeves, Rachel Weisz, Shia LaBeouf, Djimon Hounsou, Peter Stormare, Tilda Swinton

Language: English

Constantine is the story of a man with the ability to see and communicate with the half breeds: angels and demons that walk on earth disguised as humans. The movie is based on the Hellblazer comic book published by DC Comics. Constantine is a demon hunter whose primary job is to maintain the balance of earth by sending the demons back to hell when they crossover.

God and Lucifer have a wager on mankind’s souls. Earth is a no-mans land, they cannot enter but only influence through their half breeds. John Constantine (Keanu Reeves) is a demon hunter and is damned to hell because of a suicide attempt. Since then he is trying to buy his way into heaven by sending demons to hell. But he is racing against time due to his terminal lung cancer. Angela Dodson (Rachel Weisz) is an LAPD detective investigating the suicide of her twin sister Isabel. Before committing suicide she utters the name Constantine and that leads her to the demon hunter. From then on both of them together investigate the real reason for Isabel’s death. And in the process becomes part of a larger complot involving Mammon (Son of Lucifer) and the Spear of Destiny.

I like the construct of Constantine as a detective trying to investigate minor incidents and stumbling upon a huge conspiracy that will shake earth’s balance. But the only problem with this narrative is that it works better when the culprit’s identity is a plot twist revealed later. Because in that narration, the audience also gets involved trying to outguess the script. Constantine misses out on that element as the culprit is revealed in the first scene itself.

It follows a James Bond movie structure except this is occult, the hero is always sulking and there is no sex. Beeman (Max Baker) is Q who is an ammunition expert and a historian. He has a liking for exotic materials and insects. The ammunition includes the bullet shavings from the assassination attempt on the Pope, holy water from the river of Jordan and such.

Chas is Constantine’s apprentice cum driver, a brief role for Shia LaBeouf but a mighty important one. Djimon Hounsou plays a very interesting character called Papa Midnite. He owns a nightclub which is neutral to both hell and heaven and eventually helps Constantine with solving the mystery behind Isabel’s suicide. The entry to his night club is an epic scene in itself- you need to read the mind of the bouncer to enter. There is a cameo by Tilda Swinton as Gabriel, a half breed angel with disdain for humanity. Peter Stormare as Lucifer is brilliant in his cameo, he has a personal equation with Constantine. Rachel Weisz has a double role and is the main character apart from Constantine. Keanu Reeves sulks in every movie, its like a trademark. Here too, he speaks very less but that’s enough.

I would have liked a bit more action and the reveal of the culprit should have been reserved till the end. Watch out for the scene when Constantine blackmails Lucifer. Even if you are weak on your Bible study its still a good watch. Please watch and share your rating above.

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