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Fantastic Beasts and the crimes of Grindelwald – Trailer Breakdown

Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald (2018)


Hello Potterheads, hope your wands are ready. Fantastic Beasts are back with their 2nd installment and Newt Scamander is on an adventure. Only this time he is doing Dumbledore’s bidding against Grindelwald. It was already established in the first part that Dumbledore always liked Scamander but whats the extent of their relationship is the major question.

Apparation by ministry officials photo by movierap
In the first scene it is shown that some ministry officials are apparating inside Hogwarts but as we know from  Hogwarts, A History (and as repeatedly told by Hermoine and by Dumbledore before his last job with Harry in 6th book) – You can’t apparate inside Hogwarts. So how is this done?



newt scamander holding paris card photo by movierapIn this scene Scamander is seen holding a Paris poster card – is he chasing Grindelwald (but he is imprisoned in USA) or is he after Leta Lestrange (Zoe Kravitz).




Deluminator pic by movierapIn this scene someone is seen using Deluminator, the most famous device invented by Dumbledore himself.




Young Dumbledore pic by movierap

I had my reservations when it was announced that Dumbledore will be played by Jude Law but in the trailer he looks fabulous. Its a very major role- the character is very complex especially when he was young and also is loved by all. And he is going up against Johnny Depp who is one of the best in Hollywood. I am absolutely excited how he goes about that.


Scamander meeting dumble dore pic by movierap

Here, Dumbledore is meeting Scamander and parting instructions to go after Grindelwald?




Derek Riddell as Torquill Travers pic by movierapTorquill Travers played by Derek Riddle is seen here questioning Dumbledore on the whereabouts of Scamander. Well, in Harry Potter books Travers belonged to a pure blood family and was a death eater. Whether this is the same Travers or some relation is to be seen.



Grindelwald addressing pic by movierapHere Grindelwald is seen addressing a gathering. Are these his followers or he is subjugating them?




Tina investigating pic by movierapTina, a character from the first movie is back and back to doing the worst- “investigating” by the looks of it.




Kowalski and Scamander pic by movierapKowalski and Scamander are back and by the looks of it so is his memory.




Maledictus and Credence pic by movierapHere Credence, the main obscurus in first movie is seen with a new character called Maledictus, played by Claudia Kim. According to fan fiction she carries a blood curse which means eventually she will permanently transform into a beast. A woman who turns into a beast, I have an inkling that she could be the pet of Voldemort called Nagini.


Maledictus Circus pic by movierapMaledictus was found in a circus and if you see the pic it has the shape of a snake.




YusufWilliam Nadylam as Yusuf Kama, a wizard. His allegiance is not known but I think he is the first Muslim character in Fantastic Beasts- right step for cultural diversity.




This is the famous Beauxbatons carriage which carried its students to Hogwarts during Triwizard Tournament. Beauxbatons is in France and his good friend Nicolas Flamel was a student of Beauxbatons and currently resides in France.


Grindelwald pic by movierapWell, Johnny Depp as Grindelwald.




Scamander Brothers pic by movierapThe Scamander Brothers Newt and Thesues played by Callum Turner fighting alongside each other. Theseus is as an auror who fought in World War I and is “War Hero”.



Deathly hallows pic by movierapDeathly Hallows:

the Triangle: the cloak of invisibility

the Circle: the resurrection stone

the Straight Line:  the elder wand

crimes of grindelwald poster breakdown by movierap

If you see the poster of the movie, all the deathly hallows are present in it.

The Elder Wand, Resurrection Stone and the Cloak of Invisibility.



It promises to be exciting as it has everything the Harry Potter fans have been waiting for. The details about Dumbledore, Grindelwald and the Deathly Hallows.

Enjoy the trailer:


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