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Justice League: There is no Justice

Justice League (2017)

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Director: Zack Snyder

Cast: Ben Affleck, Henry Cavill, Amy Adams, Gal Gadot, Ezra Miller, Jason Mamoa, Ray Fisher

Language: English

With a wafer thin plot and over use of CGI, there is still no justice even in the DC Cinematic Universe (even after the fifth movie). Given the timeline of the previous movies and the script of Justice League, it feels as if there wasn’t much planning done into the layering of stories. If I disclose the entire film here it will still be as watchable- the movie has not explained a lot of events leading to it.

Justice League a very small movie (2 hrs 1min to be precise) and starts with events after Superman has been killed by Doomsday. Wonder woman is foiling bank robberies while living a life of anonymity. Batman is on a trail of locust like creatures who feed on fear. How he comes to know about these creatures is not explained (I know he had a nightmare in Dawn of Justice movie about them but, seriously?).

In the meantime, Superman’s death has triggered what are called the Mother Boxes (a set of three boxes having unlimited power) (why, how – who cares!), which call the villain “Steppenwolf” to itself. How he travels to the location of the box and which world/ planet/ universe he comes from is a mystery movie doesn’t explain. He then goes Amazon hunting in Themyscira and then fishing in Atlantis to retrieve 2 boxes. DC comics was better than Marvel in one department and that was in villains, they had meaner and better characters as villains but Steppenwolf(Ciaràn Hinds) and the CGI to construct it is a letdown.

Batman’s guilt leads him to form a team of superheroes and he goes on about recruiting Aquaman/ Arthur Curry (Jason Mamoa), Flash/ Barry Allen (Ezra Miller) while Wonder Woman goes to recruit Victor Stone/ Cyborg (Ray Fisher). Aquaman is a powerfully built, stylish, trident carrying first born of the queen Atlanna and also the heir to the throne of Atlantis. There are some light moments with him and his standalone movie promises to be fun with James Wan(Saw  fame) as the director. Flash is an over enthusiastic guy who became fast (Superman comparable fast) after being struck by lightning (a little more of origin story would’ve been helpful). Cyborg is the result of an experiment by his dad to save him from dying by reconstructing his body using a Mother box which comes in his possession. He is apprehensive at first but eventually joins the team.

Wonder Woman is the only saving grace of the Justice League and Gal Gadot is brilliant as Wonder Woman. She has such a magnetic personality- you can’t help but love her. She is the glue that binds the group and the film together. The film has to thank not just the character but also the film Wonder woman which has inspired the lighter tone of the film.  

Batman’s role here as a leader can’t be accepted- till now he hasn’t shown anything apart from his rich toys to suggest that. The dialogue between Flash and Batman sums it up when to the former’s question of “what are your superpowers” he replies that “he is rich”. It’s a funny line but also confirms the fact that he is the weakest link. And there is talk of a standalone movie for Batman (Of course he is rich and can fund his movie), while other better characters origins have been left to fate.

Justice league is just watchable for its lighter tones, funny moments and as a standalone film but put it as a link in the chain of DCCU, it’s a big disappointment but still an improvement over Dawn of Justice.

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