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Logan Lucky: Happy go lucky baby

Logan Lucky (2017)

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Director: Steven Soderberg

Cast: Daniel Craig, Channing Tatum, Adam Driver, Katie Holmes, Hilary Swank, Sebastian Stan, Riley Keogh, Katherine Waterston

Language: “American” English

Logan Lucky is a Happy go lucky heist film in which at the end everyone is happy, even the guy they stole from.  

First of all “Welcome Back” Steven Soderberg, you were missed. Logan Lucky is a typical Soderberg movie where you have an impressive star cast and an easy to understand script. If you have seen the Ocean series it’s the same experience- just sit back, relax and let it unfold. Logan Lucky has a certain pace which gets defined on the first scene and doesn’t deviate from it. The beauty of the movie is that it actually doesn’t have a villain, yes, you read it correctly, it doesn’t have a villain. The script is very clever and at every scene reveals only that much which is needed to keep you in the seat

Channing Tatum is Jimmy Logan, a blue collar laborer who just got laid off. He has a daughter who is preparing for a Miss Arizona Pageant and an ex-wife (Katie Holmes) who is married to a car dealer. Channing Tatum is the main protagonist, the leader of the band of misfits and has acted well in his limited capacity as an actor. He plans the heist and in the end wins the heart of everyone in the audience. He is the simple thread around which all the epic characters are woven to create the magic. He has a brother Clyde Logan (Adam Driver) who is an Iraq war veteran and wears a prosthetic arm. This is Adam Driver’s best performance as a slow talker and mover but an extremely sharp witted guy.  His chemistry with Channing is amazing and he brings a standout performance until Daniel Craig as Joe Bang is introduced. Joe bang is a boiled egg loving, bleach dyed haired demolition expert and is currently locked up in a prison. He and his brothers who are computer hackers are recruited by the Logan brothers for the heist.

The plan is to rob a Nascar racing event on a certain day but due to certain unforeseen events they have to prepone the heist which leads to improvisation of the plan and from there on the movie is a riot.

Logan Lucky isn’t a regular heist movie which deals with lot of technicalities and science but I think that’s what it makes it tick. The only negative point in the movie is the impressive star cast like Hilary Swank, Katherine Waterson, Sebastian Stan and even Seth Macfarlane being under-utilized and reduced to just small cameo roles.

The last bit of the ingredient of making a masterpiece was missing, maybe our expectations were too high seeing the star cast or maybe because there wasn’t any chase- the thrill of cat and mouse chase was missing.

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