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Logan Review – A Fitting End

Logan (2017)

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Directed By: James Mangold

 Cast: Hugh Jackman, Patrick Stewart, Dafne Keen, Boyd Holbrook, Stephen Merchant

Language: English

Logan is a fitting end to one of the most iconic and loved superheroes. The madness ends with this, the beast is finally out of misery. It is a character driven superhero movie where everyone has given a peach of a performance. I have been a fan of this beast, this antihero but as they say all good things come to an end. With a heavy heart, the fan in me is writing this.

Its 2029 and Logan (Hugh Jackman) is living a low profile, hard life by driving a limo around the Mexican-American border. Him and Caliban (Stephen Merchant) together take care of the nonagenarian Charles Xavier (Patrick Stewart). Logan, because of the Adamantium poisoning no longer heals quickly. Charles suffers from a degenerative brain disease which causes destructive seizures which can be controlled only through medication. His mind has been classified as a weapon of mass destruction because of the instability. Gabriela (Elizabeth Rodriguez), a nurse in Transigen who has absconded with a mutant called Laura (Dafne Keen) reaches out to Logan. Transigen has created several mutants classified as weapons to fight their war. How Logan helps out Laura and the bond formed between them forms rest of the tragedy.

Like Mickey Rourke’s character in The Wrestler, Logan has a last hurrah left in him. He is old, his powers are waning and is a shadow of a former killing machine. The scars give away the bitter truth as he is losing to the natural order, he cant cheat death anymore. Adamantium is eating him from within, though his regenerative abilities are still present but are literally leaving a mark. The movie also shares its essence with Mad Max: Fury Road, it is a road movie leading to an imaginary destination called Eden.

Logan, in-spite of large number of action scenes is truly an emotional drama. Logan has outlived every one, his healing ability was, in fact, a curse. He just wants to die because he is tired of all the fighting . The only thing stopping him is Charles Xavier. The most powerful mind is vulnerable now and needs special attention. At this age he is like a kid who refuses to take his medicines. After seeing the professor guiding so many mutants, its so crude to see Professor like this. One of the essence that captured by the movie is the effect the old age has on people. The movie has a feel of a western, the close and bottom camera angles of the fight scenes are remarkable.

Hugh Jackman always gives his best as Wolverine, he is a great actor but an even better Wolverine. Even with actors like Patrick Stewart and Ian Mckellen the movies always used to belong to Hugh Jackman. He has become so synonymous with the role that we can’t imagine another actor essaying the role. Patrick Stewart is also brilliant as Professor X. Patrick is really good as a childlike nonagenarian and brings a comic relief in an otherwise serious movie. He has not aged well like his friend Logan but they both have fulfilled their tasks. And, in the final task he has to persuade his dearest friend to help out Laura.

Dafne Keen as Laura is outstanding, the way she fights and stands up to Logan will make you instantly like her. She will be a brilliant actor in years to come and will look out for her in future roles. Has the mantle really passed from Hugh to Dafne?, it seems so by the looks of it. Boyd Holbrook as a relentless head of security in search of Laura is also the find of the movie.

Logan is a must watch, specially for the fans like me who have grown up with the X Men movie franchise. As Wolverine rests in peace Hugh Jackman can now be happy that he doesn’t need to maintain the famous Wolverine diet! Watch it and share your ratings above.

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