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October Review – A Melancholy

October (2018)

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Diected By: Shoojit Sircar

Cast: Varun Dhawan, Banita Sandhu, Gitanjali Rao

Language: Hindi

October is a story of a man coming of age and understanding sensitivity and responsibility. It is a story of finding love in places you never cared to look for. And how not being practical can sometimes be a beautiful thing. The movie focuses on Shiuli, a flower which blossoms at night and sheds at dawn. The tree is often termed as the tree of sorrow. It has a short life span and in that it gives happiness to a number of people.

Danish “Dan” Walia (Varun Dhawan) is a hotel management trainee who doesn’t believe in breaking his back. He takes short cuts for everything and wants an easy way to success. He is irresponsible and cannot do one job without screwing it up. Dan is someone you would want to punch in the face because of how relentlessly irritating he is. At the same time you would feel happy for him if he somehow sorts his life out. Dan like the movie, lives in the present and is not concerned with the future.

Working in the same hotel as another trainee is Shiuli ( Banita Sandhu). She unlike Dan is good at her job and does it sincerely. While celebrating new year’s she falls down from a slippery terrace and slips into coma. Dan comes to know that just before falling she had inquired about his whereabouts which spurs something inside him. A curiosity that it could have been much more than just a casual question. He takes an interest in her, stands with her family and even advises against pulling the plug. Slowly and steadily Dan becomes compassionate and responsible. Does she recover and whether their love blossoms forms the rest of October.

October is a melancholy with a set pace- it takes its own time in getting to where it wants. It requires patience- you know where it is headed but there is hope in fighting the odds. October looks like a timeline of random moments which come in a sequence when you press the play button. Writing is one of the strongest points of October, it beautifully captures the verisimilitude of life. Big and small every moment is subtly told, October never shouts. Be it Dan’s catharsis or the powerful scene involving Dan’s mother (Rachica Oswal) and Shiuli’s mother (Gitanjali Rao) in the hospital. Sometimes parents don’t know the good things about their children.

Varun Dhawan has done a meaningful role after Badlapur. Why he has to do movies like Judwa when he has so much talent to play Dan. Banita Sandhu has done a brave debut given the fact she had to go bald for scenes and doesn’t really have many dialogues. But the ace of the movie is Gitanjali Rao- she is splendid as the anchor of the family- standing solemn and strong while being in heartbreaking pain.

October is about life meaning different things to different people and everyone being right with their interpretations. For Dan its about fighting for Shiuli but for a close friend it is about moving on. Share your views on what October is to you and give your rating above.

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