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Rush Review – Adrenaline Rush

Rush (2013)

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Directed By: Ron Howard

Cast: Chris Hemsworth, Daniel Brühl, Olivia Wilde, Alexandria Maria Lara, Pierfrancesco Favino

Language: English

Rush is the story of one of the greatest rivalry in the history of sports. This Ron Howard directed sports biography pits two drivers competing against each other during 1976 Formula One season. Rush is a story of respect, rivalry and more importantly about the dedication required to be the best.

Rush starts in 1970 at an F3 race in Crystal Palace circuit in Britain. James Hunt (Chris Hemsworth) and Nikki Lauda (Daniel Brühl) : two highly skilled drivers compete in the race. James wins the race after they collide and Nikki’s car gives away. That race is the start of the never ending rivalry which is still a stuff of legend in the sporting world. From there onwards they chart their own path to Formula One. In Formula One James drives McLaren and Nikki drives Ferrari who themselves are huge rivals. How the rivalry turns from pure hatred into mutual respect forms the rest of the story.

James hunt:

He is a brash Englishman, who has a certain charm in him. He is the poster boy who oozes sex appeal. Women would queue up to have a look at him and to have his autograph. His friends and crew have caviar by the pit and champagne to wash it down. He is a rock star and a ladies man. He is the brash guy who would put his life on the line for a win. A corner, a bend which was “practically” impossible, James would go for it if it ensures a win.

Nikki Lauda:

On the opposite end is Nikki, a cool Austrian, an analytical driver. He is a very practical driver who would not make the move if the risks are too high. He is an antisocial guy, and unpopular because of his blunt nature. But he is confident enough to call Ferrari a shitbox because he knows he can create a faster car. He marries a German socialite after giving one of the worst marriage proposals. But he has a never say die attitude and a competitive spirit which brings him back from death and earns James’ respect.

The movie charts two parallel stories, it beautifully highlights the similarities and the differences between James and Nikki. Hot headed jerks who run away from their parents and start from nothing in F3. They take different approaches in life to come up but still end up competing against one another. Rush is a blunt assessment of these two characters but is full of thrills. Peter Morgan couldn’t have written the script any better.

Rush is a direction master piece by Ron Howard, all the close shots and crank pistons give spark to the racing sequences. The cameras are put in the right angles which make the racing very compelling and raw. Anthony Mantle has done an amazing job in cinematography. The music by Hans Zimmer has elevated the movie to another level. Check out his recreation of Gimme some lovin which gives the F3 race at the start a different feel altogether. It sets up the movie, the rivalry and the audience for things to come.

As for the acting, Chris Hemsworth has brought his own charisma into James Hunt. He looks like a natural pick for the role. Daniel Bruhl is also a class act as Nikki Lauda. Rush is about James and Nikki who were before my time but I feel that I have lived them though Chris and Daniel. The rest of the support cast doesn’t have much role as the whole movie is centered around these two.

Rush is a must watch but a word of caution, don’t drive after watching this!  Watch it and share your rating above.

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